Is your child not suited to standard audiological testing? Are you waiting for a referral to a specialist hospital for ABR testing under general anaesthetic?


If so, you can book an ABR assessment in your home with our highly skilled and experienced senior paediatric audiologists who work in London’s leading NHS specialist paediatric hospitals and audiology departments.


Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing is a diagnostic procedure which assesses the functioning of the auditory system, specifically the brainstem, which is the part of the brain that receives and processes sound information.


ABR testing is valuable for assessing hearing loss in infants, young children, or those with limited behavioral responses. Regular hearing evaluations may be challenging for these individuals, making ABR testing beneficial. It can help identify the presence of hearing impairment, auditory nerve damage, or other conditions affecting the auditory system.


Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing evaluates the functioning of the brainstem by placing electrodes on the scalp to detect the brain’s responses to sound, generating an ABR waveform. It is particularly useful for assessing hearing in infants.

ABR testing requires patients to be asleep to minimize “noise” and improve accuracy by reducing interference. During ABR testing, electrodes pick up small electrical responses in the brain, the scale of the responses necessitate patient sleep.


Typically ABR testing requires the use of general anaesthetics or long appointment durations to allow the child to fall asleep. At Audiologist Ltd we offer at-home ABR testing, which allows the child to fall asleep normally in a comfortable environment without necessitating the use of general anaesthetics and the adverse risks and effects associated with it.

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